Tropical Aquarium - Palais de la Porte Dorée
JUNE 6TH TO 24TH, 2019

OCEANOCIDE - 6m x 6m, wood, wire mesh and emergency blankets - is a life-size installation of a whale tail diving into a plastic ocean from which escape the "songs" of a variety of cetaceans : whale, sperm whale, dolphin, pilot whale, beluga, humpback whale, narwhal and killer whale. These "songs" were recorded and edited by bio-acoustician Olivier Adam.

Link to the museum's website: http://www.aquarium-tropical.fr/agenda/2019-05/oceanocide/
Link on the TV report by BFMTV: https://www.bfmtv.com/mediaplayer/video/oceans-sensibiliser-les-plus-petits-1166988.html

Special thanks go to:

  • Dominique Duchy, Director of the Tropical Aquarium - Palais de la Porte Dorée - Paris
  • Gabriel Picot, head of Cultural Development and the entire team at the Tropical Aquarium.
  • Olivier Adam: bioacoustician who studied different species of cetaceans since 2001. He recently described the different roles of the respiratory system of mysticetes, to explain their sound production. He is currently working on mother-calf interactions among humpback whales. Author of 40 articles in scientific journals, he organized in 2018 an international conference on acoustics and cetaceans (http://sabiod.univ-tln.fr/DCLDE) (http://sabiod.univ-tln.fr/DCLDE)
  • Xavier Murard and all the stakeholders of the innovative project carried by the Seaquarium Marine Institute: ReSeaclons, the creation of a unique circular economy sector for the recovery of marine plastic waste. For the first time in the history of plastics, a mixture of unsorted plastic waste of different types will be recycled altogether by Trivéo. OCEANOCIDE waste will entirely be recycled by Trivéo.
  • Fabrice Gaboriau, photographer.

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