The museum of hunting and nature
Hybrides & Vous!
The museum of hunting and nature - paris
A unique tour of hybrids & you!
June 29, 2017

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the Museum of Hunting and Nature hosted an evening event with 50 hybrids which await you for a unique one-on-one experience. You will meet the “HomoBestiaPlanta” creatures through the collections.

These “hybridizing” encounters remind us that we are part of one living entity combining chance and necessity. They tell us the story of a harmonious coexistence with nature that needs preserving: the close links between mankind, savage animals and the environment.

The confrontation of Caroline Desnoëttes’s hybrids invites you to reveal your human face in symbiosis with nature. “Hybridize” yourself during this unique tour.

Link to the museum’s website: http://www.chassenature.org/

Many thanks to:
  • Claude d'Anthenaise: Curator of the Museum on Hunting and Nature.
  • Chantal Steegmuller, Cécile Vandermeersch-Gaud, and the entire museum team.
  • Julien Defontenay, photographer

Caroline Desnoëttes
Caroline Desnoëttes:
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Solenn de la Croix:
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Solenn de la Croix