FROM JUNE 19th, 2021

CONTINUUM is a corpus of 1191 works, i.e. 403.55 m2 produced with 206 BIC© Cristal® pens of 14 colors, 75 shades of Girault pastels, 13 brushes, 4 boxwood blanks for engravings, 2 kg of natural earth, 8 liters 30 colors of Sennelier inks, 4 liters of Sennelier glue.

112 drawings in natural earth and Girault pastels, Korean paper in mulberry fiber, 109 cm x 78 cm - 74.60 m2

818 drawings with BIC© pens, in Japanese mulberry fiber paper, 32 cm x 23.5 cm - 59.05 m2

170 Sennelier ink paintings, in Thai mulberry fiber paper, 110 cm x 140 cm - 261.80 m2

90 drawings, engraved with a roughing brush, in German cotton fiber paper, 30 cm x 30 cm

1 cascade in survival blankets, 8 m x 4.80 m

18 months of design and production, thousands of hours of questioning and happiness.. 3 weeks of collage in the ephemeral workshop of the Émile-Roux APHP Hospital.

Caroline Desnoëttes summons the strength of the existential bond that we have with Gaïa and the wild world which has made our humanity since prehistoric times. The artist develops and performs a wide range of mediums and biomimetic techniques. It pushes back the limits of paper; crumples, weaves and interprets blankets of survival, fragile membranes in equilibrium, protective of life. Her drawings of hybrids are an unusual one-on-one with our imaginary distant cousins. Her installations are monumental games of transparencies and reflections. The public, resonating with the works, animates them with its presence.

Caroline Desnoëttes' work is also a permanent research bringing together art and science: she works with researchers from CNRS and La Sorbonne, bioacousticians and lyrical artists to anchor her works in an ecological, collective and interdisciplinary approach. Her performances, installations, exhibitions evoke the symbiotic relationship of living things that are intertwined in an ecosystem.

Link to Lascaux' webiste: https://www.lascaux.fr/fr/evenements/exposition-continuum/

Merci à:
  • Monsieur Germinal Peiro, President of the Dordogne Departmental Council
  • Monsieur Bruno Lamonerie, President of the Semitour
  • Monsieur André Barbé, Managing Director of Semitour
  • Monsieur Sébastien Cailler, Exhibition manager
  • Monsieur Franck Doucet, Operations Manager of Lascaux IV
  • The entire Lascaux IV team
  • The Pastels Girault company
  • The Sennelier company
  • The BIC company
  • Emile-Roux Hospital (APHP)
  • Olivier Adam : specialist in bioacoustics, he has been studying different species of cetaceans since 2001. He recently described the different roles of the respiratory system of mysticetes, making it possible to explain their sound production. He is currently working on mother-calf interactions in humpback whales. Author of over 40 articles in scientific journals, in June 2018, he organized an international conference on acoustics and cetaceans.
  • Thierry Aubin : Director of Research at the CNRS and team leader in UMR 9197 Neuro-PSI at the University of Paris-Saclay. After studying neurobiology and ethology, he specialized in animal acoustic communications (including crocodiles, penguins, songbirds and sea lions). He has published over 100 scientific papers and carried out numerous missions in the Arctic, Antarctic and Amazonia.
  • Natalie Dessay et Laurent Naouri for their magnificent voice.
  • Ronan de la Croix, for the sound design
  • Fabrice Gaboriau, photographer

Caroline Desnoëttes
Caroline Desnoëttes:
+33 6 63 79 53 71
Solenn de la Croix:
+33 6 67 02 05 26
Solenn de la Croix