The museum of hunting and nature
Museum of hunting and nature - Paris
Singular visit with caroline desnoëttes
Thursday 7th March 2019 at 8pm

With artist Caroline Desnoettes, follow the footsteps of the hunter-gatherers in CONTINUUM parietal, visual and acoustic. Enter the museum as in a cave by the light of torches, keep the remote darkness and give life to the dancing shadows, human or humanized bestialisé beast. CONTINUUM is a unique tour where furs, pelts, feathers, claws and fangs, horns and wood, owl eyes, beaks eagle, wolf ears, bear, monkey, cat-bird ... remind us of the natural permeability of categories. The species around us are a part of the existence of mankind.

Echoing the recordings bio-acoustics Olivier Adam and Thierry Aubin, invite you to hear the wildlife with whom we share the world again!

Link to the museum website: http://www.chassenature.org/

Many thanks to:

  • Claude d'Anthenaise: Curator of the Museum of Hunting and Nature
  • Chantal Steegmuller, Cécile Vandermeersch-Gaud, Steven Vandeporta and the entire museum team
  • Julien Defontenay, photographer

Caroline Desnoëttes
Caroline Desnoëttes:
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Solenn de la Croix:
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Solenn de la Croix