The museum of hunting and nature
Diane & Actéon ! Noetca & Enaid
The museum of hunting and nature - Paris
A unique tour: diane & actaeon! noeatca & enaid
June 28, 2018

Follow the artist Caroline Desnoëttes through this “metamorphosing” tour and return to the origins of the myth of Diane and Actaeon. Dare to enter the sacred forest harboring a cave where the Gargaphie fountain flows. Near the water, near the beyond, come and drink Ovid’s poetry. At any time, the boundaries between the elements, kingdoms and species may disappear, only to reappear in other forms. Experience the moment of metamorphosis in action and traverse the ephemeral, transitory, illusory and reversible Ovidian view of the world. Diane & Actaeon! Noeatca & Enaid reminds us that the only law of the world is that of transformation!

Link to the museum’s website : http://www.chassenature.org

Many thanks to:
  • Claude d'Anthenaise: curator of the Musée of Hunting and Nature
  • Chantal Steegmuller, Cécile Vandermeersch-Gaud and the entire museum staff.
  • Julien Defontenay, photographer

Caroline Desnoëttes
Caroline Desnoëttes:
+33 6 63 79 53 71
Solenn de la Croix:
+33 6 67 02 05 26
Solenn de la Croix