International summit Change Now - Paris
MAY 2021

Life comes from space, meteorites have brought to Earth elementary particles constituting the first bricks of life. The artist, inspired by the shapes, materials, properties and processes of life, builds a biomimetic sculpture in space, with anthropocite, a sustainable innovation.

Météolithes is the first monumental installation in anthropocite, the fossil stone created by the young innovative company Néolithe from waste collected by Tri-0 Greenwishes.

This immersive and suspended sculpture confronts in a visual interlace, two infinities, two models: the cycle of 'human' recycling imitating that of the Living which produces no waste.
The work, resulting from the MANIFEST (www.museion.org) program which organizes the collaboration of industrial enterprises and artists around the circular economy, values the work of these major sustainability players: the workers and technicians of sorting center, the engineers, entrepreneurs and innovators of today, for tomorrow, and places the artist at its core.

Link to Tri-o Greenwishes' website: https://www.groupetgw-recyclage.com
Link to Tri-o Néolithe's website: https://www.neolithe.fr/

Thanks to:
  • Santiago Lefebvre, Rose-May Lucotte et Kevin Tayebaly, founders of ChangeNOW
  • Ronan de la Croix, exhibition curator
  • The entire ChangeNOW team
  • William Cruaud et the whole Néolithe team
  • Matthieu de Chanaleilles, founder of Tri-o & Greenwishes
  • Fabrice Gaboriau, photographer

Caroline Desnoëttes
Caroline Desnoëttes:
+33 6 63 79 53 71
Solenn de la Croix:
+33 6 67 02 05 26
Solenn de la Croix